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​Dry Cleaners and Dry Cleaning Services near St. Paul

We are offering dry cleaning services near St. Paul. When you drop off your laundry you will be able to leave your dry cleaning as well. We are partnering with a dry cleaners near St. Paul to bring you this service. Instead of making two stops you'll only have to make one. Make is even simpler and add dry cleaning to your pickup and delivery order. Just make sure to separate your dry cleaning from your regular laundry.

Dry Cleaning Prices

  • Pants/shirts/blouses/sweaters $16.00
  • Regular Dress $29.99
  • Formal Dress $39.99
  • Blazer/Sports Coat $16.00
  • Winter Coat $34.99
  • Down Coat $39.99

Dry cleaning with Wash and Fold turn around 48 hours**