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​Laundry Pickup & Delivery Service near St. Paul, Minneapolis, & Maplewood

Laundry is literally the chore that never ends. It seems like you've just put away your clean clothes and your laundry basket is full of dirty clothes almost immediately. You have better things to do with your time then spending hours doing laundry week after week. Spend those hours doing something productive and fun and let us do that laundry for you.

When you use our laundry delivery service near St. Paul & Maplewood we will come to you. Our laundry pickup driver will arrive at your door to pick up your dirty laundry. We will take it back to our laundromat and wash, dry and fold it for you. As with our drop off wash and fold service, we take the utmost care with your clothes. Then our laundry service pickup and delivery near St. Paul & Maplewood will return your clothes to you fresh and clean. Instead of laundry taking you hours, now it will only take you minutes - the minutes it takes you to toss your dirty clothes in a bag and the time it takes you to put your clean clothes away!

Pickup &
Delivery Service
(Next Day)
Per Pound

**20 lb Minimum Order

Our laundry pick up and delivery near St. Paul & Maplewood will also wash shoes and coming soon - pick up your dry cleaning as well.

We offer laundry pickup and delivery within a 20 mile radius of our laundromat so it's more than likely you are in our service area. And placing an order is as easy as one, two, three.

  1. Click on Schedule a Pickup
  2. Enter your information, including when you want your pick up laundry service
  3. Leave your laundry out for our driver to pick up

WB Laundromat offers this laundry service pickup and delivery between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. seven days a week. This time saving service is $2.29 per pound and you will get your laundry back the next day. There is a 20 pound minimum.