Laundry Facts

Hotel Laundry Service for Guests in Woodbury, Oakdale, St Paul, Minneapolis, Inver Grove Heights and Minneapolis

July 28, 2022

Laundry Delivery Man

WB Laundromat & Wash and Fold provides Fluff and Fold Service for guests at many hotels, motels and suites in and around the Twin Cities.  Are you staying at a hotel near and around the Twin Cities for a day or two for pleasure?  Do you need your clothes cleaned asap?  Or perhaps are you staying here for a month or two for work?  WB Laundromat and Wash and Fold provides fluff and fold service for guests of many hotels.  Just call us at (612)396-2988 or log onto our website to schedule a pickup.  We will pick up your laundry from the front desk of your hotel and return it to you within 24 hours so that you can spend your time doing other things.  WB Laundromat has been providing fluff and fold service for hotel guests who are staying here and working at the refinery/plant.  Call us to schedule your pickup today.

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