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Uniforms and Medical Linen Services for Hospitals, Clinics and Chiropractice and Massage Clinics in St Paul, Minneapolis, Woodbury and Maplewood

August 01, 2022

Hospital Laundry

WB Laundromat & Wash and Fold provides reliable medical linen service and uniform services to hospitals, clinics, dental, chiropractor and massage clinics.


It is important for medical linens to be handled carefully and properly.  Many times hospitals and clinics are not equipped with the proper equipment to carry out these special services.  Also these bulk linens that are needed in the daily operations of these medical facilities and hospitals do not have the manpower to handle this laundry on a daily basis.  WB Laundromat provides medical linen services to healthcare facilities and their staff.  Also, their patients are assured that they are using linens that are clean and safe from harmful and contagious diseases.  Medical linens need a special process – of sorting, washing, drying and folding. High risk linens can never go in the same pile as regular medical linens; scrub suits and other medical team uniforms have to be treated differently from patient gowns.


WB Laundromat is experienced and has gained the trust of some of the most important names in the hospital industry, handling their linen service needs.

Apart from the regular cleaning and maintenance of medical drapes, gowns, scrub suits and other medical linens, we supply this service everyday.  We ensure that healthcare facilities never run out of clean linen, making it easier for them to serve patients more efficiently.

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