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Pick up and Delivery Laundry Service on the Rise

April 22, 2022

Laundry Service

Dry cleaning and laundry service are always in demand. People have been coming to laundromats for years to wash their clothes. Now that people are getting busier and busier they are looking for more convenient ways to get clean clothes and save time. Many people are now coming to laundromats to drop off their dirty laundry and have the laundromats wash, dry and fold them. Many laundromats like WB Laundromat and Wash and Fold are actually going to people's homes, picking up clothes, and bringing them back the next day all laundered and folded. Customers love the convenience of laundry pick up and delivery service.

What brought about this change? Why are so many people not doing their own laundry? Why is this emerging now? The millennial culture has a lot to do with it. They are a new generation with a new way of thinking. Today's professionals are constantly on the go and having their laundry picked up, cleaned and delivered saves them time. Busy families who are involved in a lot of activity benefit from this service too. Everyone is looking for a way to save time these days.

Life is busy. Let us save you time. Laundry is our business. Let us do yours.

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