The Fabric Softener Debate- to use or not to use Fabric Softener

May 17, 2022

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To use or not to use Fabric Softener?

Fabric Softener known as a fabric conditioner is added to clothing during the wash cycle.  It is a lubricating additive that interacts with clothing fibers to make them soft.  It also protects clothing fibers from wear, fuzz, fading and shedding.  Some people feel that fabric softeners are harsh on the skin and can contribute/cause skin conditions.  Others feel that fabric softeners are too strong and and prefer a more natural product like vinegar.  Some people can't stay away from the smell of fabric softener and use it on everything.

What do you prefer?  Do you use fabric softeners?  Do you use dryer sheets?  Do you vinegar?  Or do you use nothing at all?


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